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My Purpose in creating Sweat Club

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

WHY The foundation of Sweat Club was built on my passion for fitness, it’s the one thing in my life that has remained consistent and something I’ve always been able to count on. My view of fitness has definitely evolved throughout my wellness journey. It really all began when I started training for fitness competitions, I worked hard and found something healthy and positive to put my energy into. I absolutely fell in love with it. My view for fitness has since shifted, I've fallen in love with helping and watching others embrace and succeed in their own fitness journeys. Playing a part in other people’s personal development through Sweat Club has instilled fulfillment within me and has benefited my mental health in unimaginable ways. I have my gym, my team and my clients to thank for playing a role in my own healthy mind! Being able to share my passion for fitness with likeminded people and help them develop both physically and mentally has filled me with gratitude.

IMPACT Sweat Club has created a community among people who never thought they would care for or enjoy fitness. Everyone in the Sweat Club community, whether it be my team of trainers or our regular attendees have played a role in creating an engaging and positive environment for everyone involved. Whether you’re fitting in a Full Body HIIT class during your lunch break or challenging your cardio in a Sweat & Shred class, my hope is that you will leave Sweat Club feeling better and more inspired than you did when you walked in the door. I can honestly say that a successful day for me is hearing my clients speak about their progress, whether it be a drop in their blood pressure or fitting into their favourite jeans again, there is no better feeling. In three years, Sweat Club has created inseparable bonds between strangers and has impacted people both mentally and physically, it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

IMPORTANCE My goal in creating Sweat Club was to change people’s views on working out. There can be such a negative stigma surrounding gyms and fitness, people find them unpleasant and intimidating. Sweat Club is a place for learning, energizing, encouraging and de-stressing. No matter your level of fitness, I want people to come to Sweat Club knowing they’ll get the guidance, support and endorphin boost they need in order to thrive in the rest of their day. It’s a judge-free place for people to feel empowered in their fitness journey. I hope to help people realize that fitness is a pivotal aspect in their journey to health and happiness. I want people to share the same love I do for fitness and taking care of myself. While fitness is only one aspect of self care, I hope that my gym encourages people to fulfill all aspects of their personal wellness. Enabling people to live comfortably and confidently is what Sweat Club is all about!

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