I am so excited to share this new program with you all! I went travelling for two months with minimal access to a gym and these are the exact workouts I did to keep me fit. 


Who will benefit from the NEN Program?


  • Travellers (for work or pleasure) who do not have access to a gym but want to remain committed to your fitness routine
  • New parents who want to workout from home with their new baby/children
  • Beginners who may be too intimidated to go to the gym 
    • Every exercise has a beginner option 
  • Anyone who wants to workout from home to avoid the financial burden of gym equipment or memberships 
  • Those who want to workout outside (perfect for Summer!) 




  • You receive 5 completely different workouts
  • All workouts take 45 minutes or less
  • Each workout has video demonstrations 
  • You also receive an additional warm up video
  • All you need is your body and some space - NO EQUIPMENT
    • Perfect for outdoors, living rooms, or hotel rooms
  • I teach you 3 different styles of cardio and my top tips for best results 
  • Whether you are a beginner or advanced, I provide you with a workout calendar showing you how to create a program with the workouts and cardio session


This program is a one-time buy and you will receive it immediately after ordering. 


Please contact me with any further questions/concerns.


Please refer to my sales policy before purchase. 




"This program was great, I am a busy mom of 2 little kids and a full time job with limited time. So being able to do these workout at home was amazing, they were simple yet so effective which was exactly what I was looking for." -Danielle Wallace


"A wonderful program to allow for flexibility when you are on the go and do not have access to a gym!" -Dianne Timmins

No Equipment Needed Program