No Equipment Needed Workouts

I was so fortunate to be able to travel for two months earlier this year. I spent the month of March in Sayulita, Mexico and the month of April in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. Most of our days were spent on various beaches in bikinis, so you can understand why I would want to stay in the best shape I could. However, I had one major problem: limited access to gyms.

I did check out a few local gyms, attended a couple classes and tried CrossFit but nothing I enjoyed more than getting creative with simply my body weight in our private backyards. Every morning before we would start our day, I would come up with a new workout. Some of my favourites included plyometrics, 500 rep workouts, workouts for time, pyramid workouts, circuits, and cardio.

After a few weeks, I had created a note book full of fun workouts and I decided I wanted to share them with everyone! I was enjoying and benefiting from the workouts and I knew other travellers would too.

I also quickly realized that other niches would gain from these workouts. It seems like everyone on my Facebook newsfeed is having babies so I thought new parents who want to workout from home with their new born or children could do these workouts.

I know what it it like to be a beginner to exercising and how intimidating it can be to go to the gym. Therefore, I create beginner options for each exercise so anyone can do my workouts.

The program is only $45. To learn more, please click here.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out!

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